Storage of Chilled and Frozen Goods


FROST Logistics a.s. provides complex logistic services in the area of storage with connection to the provided inland and international transport. The logistic services include storage, repacking, and distribution of cooled and deep-frozen products.
We use in-house cooling and freezing warehouses with shelf storage systems.

Services provided

  • Storage of deep-frozen goods at – 23°C
  • Storage of cooled goods at 0°C - +2°C
  • Goods storage on EUR pallets
  • Goods unloading in the destination with forklifts, manual unloading of containers – carton labelling
  • Goods repacking to secondary package, palletisation
  • Goods freezing in the freezing tunnel
  • Shipment from warehouse – truck loading
  • Issue of accompanying transport documentation
  • Warehouse insurance against elemental disasters
  • Warehouse record keeping, electronic order processing for goods acceptance and release
  • Inland and international truck transport by in-house fleet
  • Goods distribution service

Storage capacities

I. Freezing warehouses

Warehouse size: 21,844 m3
Number of pallet locations: 4,500

  • 120 by 80 and 120 by 100 pallets
  • Max. height 180 cm
  • Max weight 1,000 kg/1 pallet


II. Cooling warehouses

Warehouse size: 2,606 m3
Number of pallet locations: 555