International Transport

Our company offers international transport services provided by our own truck fleet.

The main objective is providing complex services in the area of inland transport and transport to and from EU destinations.

We specialize on transport of cooled and deep-frozen food. All trailers are isothermal and equipped with a heavy-duty cooling unit. Most trailers are provided with one or two partitions for different temperatures in the transport space. We also offer two-deck trailers for transport of up to 66 pallets of lighter goods. We mostly use MAN, SCANIA and DAF trucks as well as KRONE and LAMBERET trailers.

We will travel anywhere...

FROST Logistics a.s. provides for international as well as inland transport of packed and bulk goods to the following destinations, including but not limited to:

Transport destinations of company Frost Logistics

Our fleet

Refrigerator semitrailers (23 t)

Our Refrigerator semitrailers with controllable temperature are a guarantee of delivery of fresh products to you.

Inner dimensions:13,2m x 2,48m x 2,4m
Load volume: 80cbm
Utility load: 21,5 – 23,5 tons
Number of palette positions: 33 – 66
ADR equipment: Yes
Temperature range: -30°C to +30°C
Special equipment:- double floor
- two different controlled temperatures
- dividing partitions, Euro-hooks

There are 30 vehicle units available

Canvas semitrailers (26 t)

We offer three-axle canvas semitrailers with three-sided independent canvas rollup.

Inner dimensions:13,6m x 2,5m x 2,6m
Load volume: 88cbm
Utility load: 25 – 26 tons
Number of palette positions: 33
ADR equipment: No

There are 2 vehicle units available